Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Increase Blog Traffics Using Traffic Exchange Sites


Visitor is called the life for a blog or website. Every blogger needs visitors most importantly, Because the popularity of a blog depends to visitors. Besides the blogs which are embed with Google Adsense Ads are fully depended to visitors and there clicks. But visitors are impressed with those sites which have good content/article. If you are making a new blog than what you should do to increase your Blog/Website traffic??  Of course "SEO".
But when your Blog/Website is brand new than what can you do??
Its takes time to complete a Blog/Website SEO, cause its a long process to do!
In this situation you can use Traffic exchange sites to increase your site traffics. By this way you can increase your blog page views too.
But you should also remember that, this process should use if your Blog/Website is new. If you want regular/permanent Visitor then you should give importance to writing good Content/Article for holding visitors. Remember that visitors always want good content..


Traffic exchange sites:

Now you guy's gonna Ask me a Question that what is traffic exchange site?
Well traffic exchange site is a kind of networking that exchange site visits, Facebook likes, YouTube followers, YouTube watch, Twitter followers etc in spite of points or coin :) . Most of the new blogger use traffic exchange sites to increase there blogs visitor besides there doing there site SEO. This exchanging system is so popular now because it's so easy to increase a blog visitors in this way, and most of the time it is absolutely free but some traffic exchange site has Premium option too. This exchanging process is so easy to do and takes less time. Moreover it has become a popular way to increase traffic.
There are so many traffic exchange sites in the Web, but all sites are not trust able. Sometimes this kind of sites are fake and spamming. So you should use well known  and faithful site by whom you can deal with!
Now i am going to introduce you with a popular traffic exchange site, and i have also used this site to increase my site visitor when my site was new. And you can trust this site to deal with.



Youlikehits is a popular and dependable traffic exchange site for a long time in the web. It's too much secure than other traffic exchange sites. This site takes less time to load and traffic is all time stocked here. By this you can easily increase your site visitor.
The system is, you have to visit others though YouLikeHits and increase your Points. Points are count here, to increase visit. After that you have to add your Blog/Website in YouLikeHits and fix the point you are going to give to other for per visit. And this exchanging system goes to a swirl  process.
Beside the good news is you can get 50 points additionally for free by signing up for a account in YouLikeHits.After signing up you will get a refferel link like this ( Ex: ). If some one sign up for a account using your Reffed link you will got  300 points for free.

So, why are you waiting for! Sign up Today for an account and start increasing your blog visitor..................

On our next tutorial we will show you how to Use YouLikeHits and the sign up process! So stay with Tutozen for more!!



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