Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Skip Link Using Mobile Phone is a most popular link shorter service in the web. Most of the blogger use to shrink there download links and then they use those link in there articles.

Well, before I start my tutorial I want to inform you about

I told you guys before that, is a link shorter service. There are so many link shorter in the Web like,, linkbucks, Google link shorter etc. But there is a difference between and other link sorters. The difference is is an affiliate link shorter service. pays to its users for sharing links.

Though it is beneficial to the blogger but the visitors don’t like, because they have to wait 5 second and then press “Skip ad” to get there downloads links. Moreover the visitors who visit blogs using Mobile phone/device are unable to “skip” the link from their mobile phone. So, mobile visitors are unable to get their desired download links.

But don’t worry, it wouldn’t be problem anymore. Cause I have already founded the solution. I will show you “How to skip links easily using your mobile phone” in my today’s tutorial.

I will show you two simple and easy steps by which you will be able to “Skip” link using Mobile phone.

1/ Using a short JavaScript code:

To use this trick you need opera mini web browser installed in your Mobile. If you don’t have Opera mini then you can collect it from here. OK, then using Opera mini Go to your link that you want to skip. Then press “Option” and then select “Enter Address”. After that type this JavaScript in the address bar correctly as shown as bellow.


After you have type this code in your address bar press “Go To”. Then Waite for a while, you will see a “Skip ad” button in the page after that select the “Skip ad”.

The link will be skipped and you will be redirected to the download page automatically. Enjoy your download…..

Note: This tricks only work with opera mini and Most of the time you may have to enter this JavaScript code 2 or 3 time on and on to see the “skip ad” button.

2/ Using “” service:

This trick is easier then the first one. And you can use this trick in any browser.
At first you have to copy the link that you want to skip.

     Then go to this link.

     Then paste the link here and press the “” button.

After waiting a while you will see a new link under the Deadfly! button. That means your link has been skipped.  Now press the new link to get your download.

Note: Using this service you can also skip and linkbucks links too.



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