Sunday, December 23, 2012

Monitor Your Internet Speed Using Net Speed Monitor Full Version Software

Hello Guys,

On my previous tutorial I give you Pre-activated version of the “Du meter” a net speed testing tool. IF you haven’t seen it go here “Du Meter Full Pre-activated Version No Needs To Use Crack or Patch”.

Today I am going to introduce you with another internet speed testing tool named “Net speed monitoring”. You can call it an alternative of Du meter.

It’s an full version software, that means you don’t need to worry about its license or activation. Because it’s a 100% free applicationLike Du meter it is also windows based application. But it doesn't support windows 8 L Cause it hasn't released any update so far for windows 8. But you can use it in the old versions of windows.

After Du meter it is my second choice to use “Net speed monitor” for my bandwidth test. The feature of this software is so user friendly and easy to use. And you can monitor your internet speed right from the task-bar.

This software gives you Daily, weekly and monthly updates of your internet usage. This feature is great for those users who use limited internet packages. And the good news is you can check per second Download and Upload rate.

You can also import you internet usage history to Microsoft Office excel document. This feature is useful to those who have an organization or cyber café.

Another good feature of this software is, it monitor all the apps running into your PC and how much internet they are using. If you find out any unnecessary application wasting your internet than you can stop it.

System requirements:

“Net Speed Monitor” can be installed on the following systems:
* Windows XP, Windows XP Pro x64 Edition Windows Server 2003, Windows 
* Server 2003 x64 Edition
* Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64 Edition 
* Windows 7 and Windows 7 x64 Edition

That means, if you have this software than you don’t need to worry about your internet speed test. Download this software from the bellow link……...


NOTE Download process :  Click the Download Button, Wait 3-4 sec and then  Click   

   Note: If You are using mobile to visit than Read "How To Skip link Using Mobile" . 

IF you have any problems then knock me to the Comment box bellow. I will try my best to help you. stay with Tutozen.

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