Thursday, January 3, 2013

List Of Keyword Research Tool For Bloggers


Keyword researching is an important Part of Search engine optimization. If you want a huge number of visitor in Your blog or website, than You must have to give importance in Keyword researching. Every SEO expert suggest to research keyword before writing any article, cause if you write a well planed article than you will be able to get the attraction of search engines.

If You are a blogger than you have to know How to research with researching tool. Well, You can use key word research tool for researching Keywords.
Today I am giving you guys a list and introduction of most used Keyword research tool.


1/ Google Ad words:


Google Adword is One of the popular Keyword researching tool. Most of the blogger use this tool for researching keyword, Because it has a huge Stock of Keyword. You can easily research keyword using Google Adword, And it shows Keywords statics in two format “Globally” and and “Locally”. Using this tool you can find out monthly search number of you chosen Keyword. To use this tool Go to This link. Then type Your keyword and will show you keyword suggestion and Statics.




2/ Google Trends:


Google Trends  its another Keyword research Product of Google. You can use this tool for your blog keyword. If you are new to Keyword research, than this tool will be helpful to you because it has a user friendly Interface. Go to This Link and you will see a search box. Than type your keyword [Ex: Swine flu, GMC, BMW, Honda etc] and then click the “Explore” button. After a while it will show you keyword suggestions.



3/ KeywordSpy:


KeywordSpy is a well known keyword researching tool for a long time. But it is a Premium site of SEO tools. But you can use the keyword research tool for free. It shows search result country wise. You can select your deserved country to research. I hope it will you to find out your own country statics. To research Keyword using this tool Click here and then type your keyword and select your deserved country then click “search” That's it.



4/ WordTracker:


WordTracker have so many tools that will help you to learn SEO. You can use those tools for you blog or website SEO. WordTracker keyword research tool is one of them. With the help of this tools you can easily research keyword for your Article. And it has a user friendly interface. To use this tool Go here.



5/ NiceBootclassic:


Niceboot is useful for new bloggers. It show you Google, Yahoo, WordTarcker etc Search engine search result together. It makes Keyword researching more easy. You can use this tool here.


6/ WordStrem:


Wordstrem is another premium site of SEO tool, but the keyword researching tool is absolutely free for any user. Nothing more to say about this tool, Go here and start researching.


7/ SEOBOOK Keyword Research Tool:


SEOBOOK is a well known SEO research site. You can find so many other resources of SEO in this site. It has a wonderful Keyword research tool. To use this Go here.


I hope This tutorial helped you, if you have any question then Ask me using the Comment Box bellow And stay with Tutozen.

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