Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is Ping | Benefits of Pinging a Blog


What is ping?

Generally,"Ping" is a web service and It is use to warn Spider, Crawler, Indexer etc. when a new Page is added or updated in your blog. Using this service you can inform Search engines to Index your newly added or updated pages to their database. As a result Search engines are able to count your blog back-links quickly, which is useful to your site ranking;besides Ping is also helpful for your blog SEO. Pinging sites are used to complete your blog indexing process quickly. You can use Ping services to ping your blog.              

What kind of links should we Ping?

Generally high quality links are indexed automatically but some low quality link takes time to be indexed. Example: Blog comments, Forum postings, Articles etc… So we need to ping specially this kind of low quality links. You should only ping when you update (New page or Post added) your blog. You can choose any pinger site to ping your blog. A pinger service makes pinging more easily.


Some Professionals view about Ping:

When any new content is added in a blog than admin use ping to knock the search engines to crawl and index the new changes into their database. After pinging, search engines follow the newly pinged link and index it. But nowadays some people are spamming with this pinging services, they are pinging almost every single link of their blog. But you should also remember that, very much pinging can be harmful for your blog.


Some popular sites that you can use to ping your Blog:

There are so many sites you can use to ping your blog. But remember, pinging using multiple services is not important and only you should only ping when your blog is updated. Now I am giving some popular pinging services list that you can use. I think these will help you guys.

Personally As a blogger I think is the best. You can use this service to ping your blog. It is fast and user friendly….

If you face any difficulties to use ping service than see this “How to Ping a blog using pinging services”.
I hope today's tutorial helped you so much. If you have anything to share about this post than please comment and keep Visiting Tutozen.    

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